What is life coaching?

First, lets look at what life coaching is NOT.

Life coaching is not counseling. Counseling focuses on perceived difficulties in a persons life, and on a persons past, whereas coaching focuses on a persons future and on what he/she wants to achieve. A counsellor will help a person uncover pain and guilt of past experiences, failures and fears and guide them through these incidents. Once the truth is discovered, the person will then learn how to deal with the past and build and sustain a positive future.

Life coaching is not about making judgements about someone's life and telling that person how they ought to live it.

Research into coaching has shown that potential clients, particularly men, feel more comfortable knowing that they are focusing on their life goals with a coach. They will often seek to avoid the embarrassment that is sometimes perceived to be associated with seeing a therapist.

In a nutshell, coaching is a vibrant new profession and modality that essentially uses Solution Focused Techniques to support people and organisations in moving into positive, proactive action to accomplish their goals.

What can you expect from a Life Coach?

Personal life coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach.

A Life Coach will provide you with tested tools and skills to enable you to realise your dreams, and help you set clearly defined, inspired goals and guide you in transforming your goals into actions. A personal Life Coach will provide a caring, yet challenging atmosphere where the focus is totally on the client and what is best for him/her.

Your personal Life Coach will help you achieve the outcomes you desire be it in the area of your career/own business, finances, relationships, emotions, personal development, spiritual development, family matters, hobbies, marriage, social interaction, or health or in any other aspect of life that matters to you. The ultimate goal is to assist you in finding your lifes true purpose.

The Coach will need your total commitment in trusting the process and being actively involved in making changes. By doing so, you will get the most out of the full coaching program.

Having your personal Life Coach is a great investment in YOURSELF.

What is to expect from one to one coaching and/or Skype coaching sessions?

Discover your true meaning in life, a sense of purpose.

Setting clearly defined goals ensuring these are really what YOU want and not someone elses dream.

Exploring real and perceived stumbling blocks in order to progress.

Helping you to stay focused.

Adopting a value structure for ultimate success.

Expecting your coach to hold you accountable.

Uncovering your self-imposed limitations.

Getting to the bottom of your fears and let the truth set you free.

A shared feeling of trust and understanding between client and coach.

You can expect complete confidentiality and adhering to a code of ethics.

What will a Life Coach expect from you whilst being coached?

Like I mentioned before, coaching is a partnership between a client and a coach, therefore the coach will require your commitment in order for the coaching sessions to be successful, for example:

Commitment to the program and taking action (after all, this is you investing time and money in yourself).

Regular attendance.

Daily practice of skills and use of tools.

Willingness by the client to work through challenging issues.

Willingness to change in the areas of importance.

A desire on the clients part to focus on the future and letting go of the past.

The key element for successful coaching is your desire to really change your life. If someone else made you attend coaching and it was not something you really wanted, it will become hard work, and the process will fail. It is important that it is something you want to do.

What are the criteria for people attending a Life Coaching program?

The coaching program is unique and fully flexible to meet each individuals requirements.

You do not have to be verbally eloquent or have a certain set of skills to acquire the services of a Life Coach. If the concept is foreign to you, or you feel that your life is too much of a mess, dont get discouraged, make the decision to change your life TODAY.

A coach can benefit anyone who has a desired goal or objective and is able and willing to make changes and take action towards reaching their goal.

Coaching is not suitable for people who have no real desire for changing the areas they are not happy with. If you dislike certain areas and want to make the changes, then you are the ideal candidate for coaching.

People who make use of a Life Coach are people who:

- Wants to improve their relationships with their siblings, partner, friends, etc.

- Feels that they are in the wrong career.

- Wants to make their hobbies their permanent income, or want to excel in their hobbies.

- Wants to start their own businesses.

- Has a small business and want to grow their existing business.

- Wants to be financially free.

- Are living a life according to the standards of others because they do not really know what they want in life

- Want to overcome the day-to-day stresses in life wanting a meaningful and peaceful life.

- Wants to know their lifes true purpose.

- Wants to live a healthier life.

- Have fears for changes, failing, or fear of success.

- Wants to have more self-confidence.

- Wants to grow spiritually.

- Always seems to fail to achieve the goals they want to reach.

- Procrastinate and end up never accomplishing what they really want to do.

- Are going through a major change and need assistance in order to tackle it with success.

- Finished School or University and want to ensure that you do not miss your purpose, dreams in life therefore wanting to set goals ensuring you have a successful life.

- You are getting married or you have recently got married and want to ensure that you understand each other, grow in communicating to each other and understand and fulfill each others needs.

What can you expect from your first coaching session?

Your first session will be to determine the areas in your life you are discontented about and also to establish what you want to achieve through your coaching sessions. Once we have a clear understanding on your goals and the outcomes you want to attain, the stage is set for the rest of the coaching sessions.

It will also be establish how many coaching sessions you will need. After session one, you might want to make a few changes to your goals allowing your brain to explore your inner being for the things he knows you really should desire. You can choose the amount of coaching sessions.

Most people get the best results when they are coached on a regular basis, once a week or once every two weeks for three to twelve months, depending on their individual circumstances. Remember the ultimate goal is for you to find your lifes true purpose, however long it takes.

What does the Purpose Hub 10 Session Coaching Program consist off?

It is a 10 Session Program varying from 30 minutes to 90 minutes per session, ensuring enough time is given for you to fully understand the issues at hand.

This is what you can look forward to in our program:

Introduction and Setting goals

Discovering essential stepping stones to your goals

Discovering and understanding your God-given brain

How your beliefs move you closer to success

Uncovering Fears

Exposing limiting beliefs and rebuilding the new beliefs on the truth

Adopting a value structure for ultimate success

Uncover your hidden rules and always feel good!

The Six Human needs

Communication & Projection

Responsibility - The foundation for freedom

Powerful Questions the answer to everything

Long Term Goals what would you REALLY love to do?

Purpose True meaning in Life

Celebration Time!

Can I be assured of investing in a high quality Coaching Programme?


Our mission is to bring greater personal freedom, confidence and self-growth to people from all walks of life and we do this by making use of South Africa's leading Coaching Modality which is the New Insights Coaching program which is tried and tested and has a trail of success stories.

As New Insights slogan rightly claim: Your Success is Our Success.

Is there sufficient demand for Life Coaching?

In one word, YES!

More than ever before, people are looking for ways to gain personal fulfilment and happiness in their lives. No longer are people prepared to put up with stressful, meaningless or mundane lives just because that's the way life is or because that's the hand they were dealt.

There is a revolution happening with more and more people starting to question their purpose in life. That is where Life Coaching comes in by helping clients to understand their purpose and to overcome obstacles to greater joy and happiness.

The time has never been more right for Life Coaching in our country and in our world.

Be the first of your friends and family and make this investment in yourself.

I am interested and/or need more information, what do I do next?

You can contact me.

Please tell me a bit more about yourself and the areas you are unhappy with. Please also include your contact details and indicate a good time to reach you.

When will Life Coaching not be appropriate?

As mentioned before, Coaching is not Counselling or Psychology.

Life Coaching will not be appropriate for people who have:

- Acute depression or anxiety

- Sexual problems, including frigidity, erection difficulties, ejaculation difficulties, rape, sexuality issues etc.

- serious medical conditions,

- drug/alcohol/sex and/or any other serious addictions

- suicidal tendencies

- food misuse, bulimia, anorexia

- domestic violence

- Paedophilia

- Mental Illness

Should you already getting Professional and Medical help, please consult with your therapist first and double check if the timing is right for you to start focusing on your future and moving away from past.

In order for you to have the best outcome from coaching, it will be advisable for the Life Coach and your Therapist to get into contact as the Life Coach would want to work within the framework as set out by the Therapist.

Can children and teenagers go on the Purpose Hub Full Coaching program?

Coaching for teenagers in Grades 11 and 12 can be very beneficial in helping them discover their purpose and true desire in this life, ensuring they do stay focused on the things they value in their life and not the values and perceived ideas of that what parents think their children should become.

Because coaching requires a lot of work, commitment and discipline, coaching for very young children is not advisable. Teenagers not disciplined and not wanting to be coached, will find coaching to be very hard work.

What accreditation is needed to have credibility as a Professional Life Coach?

Coaching is different and separate to counseling and/or psychology; therefor does not need the same accreditation and regulations as mental health services. One of the most well-known and respected international accreditation bodies for Coaching in South Africa is COMENSA http://www.comensa.org.za