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Face-to-Face and/or Skype Coaching

Contact Annie Gagiano for a free 30-60 minute Skype or Face-to-Face introductory session on Life Coaching.

Your first session will be to determine the areas in your life you are discontented about and also to establish what you want to achieve through your coaching sessions. Once we have a clear understanding on your goals and the outcomes you want to attain, the stage is set for the rest of the coaching sessions.

It will also be establish how many coaching sessions you will need. After session one, (which is also a free session), you might want to make a few changes to your goals allowing your brain to explore your inner being for the things he knows you really should desire. You can choose the amount of coaching sessions. Most people get the best results when they are coached on a regular basis, once a week or once every two weeks for three to twelve months, depending on their individual circumstances. Remember the ultimate goal is for you to find your lifes true purpose, however long it takes.

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Face-to-Face and/or Skype Coaching
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