Purpose Hub Life Coaching
Purpose Hub Life Coaching
+ 1. What is Life Coaching?

+ 2. So what can you expect from a Life Coach?

+ 3. What you can expect from one-on-one coaching and/or Skype coaching sessions?

+ 4. What will a Life Coach expect from you whilst being coached?

+ 5. What are the criteria for people attending a Life Coaching program?

+ 6. What can you expect from your first coaching session?

+ 7. What does the Purpose Hub 10 Session Coaching Program consist off?

+ 8. Can I be assured of investing in a high quality Coaching Programme?

+ 9. Is there sufficient demand for Life Coaching?

+ 10. I am interested and/or need more information, what do I do next?

+ 11. When will Life Coaching not be appropriate?

+ 12. Can children and teenagers go on the Purpose Hub Full Coaching program?

+ 13. What accreditation is needed to have credibility as a Professional Life Coach?

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